Ferrostaal`s Intergrafica Print & Pack

Ferrostaal Intergrafica Print & Pack is an independent sales and service company and part of the worldwide operating Group. Ferrostaal provides industrial services on a global scale. The Ferrostaal Headquarter is located in Essen, Germany. Ferrostaal`s IPP is a leading, worldwide and manufacturer-independent sales and service partner for single machines and machine lines in the graphic arts sector. Ferrostaal Intergrafica Print & Pack offers customers multiple services like handling of projects, export financing, delivery, commissioning, maintenance and spare parts. In its positioning as a full-service partner for its clients Ferrostaal`s IPP provides integrated concepts, customer service, training and technical support as well. Having access to the global sales & services network of Ferrostaal, Intergrafica Print & Pack can operate globally with a tremendously big main storage being located between Rotterdam and Antwerp. Every concept of Ferrostaal Intergrafica Print & Pack is always tailored to the customers’ demands supplying the best, most cost-effective system to optimize workflows.